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Talk 2 -Development of Repertoires & Ensembles

April 21, 2021
10.30-12.00 (CET)

The conversation is based on the
collaboration between our inclusive music ensemble Elefantöra, and the composers Hugo Boothby and Rosanna Gunnarsson. The project started in autumn 2020 and due to the pandemic the work has mostly been conducted remotely through online platforms.  


The collaboration with Hugo Boothby is called Listening with Elephant Ears. The composition explores the sound aesthetics that arise when using VoIP and the effects on listening. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocols and controls how sound works on platforms such as zoom. The project is part of Hugo Boothby’s ongoing PhD research at the Department of Art, Culture and Communication at Malmö University.

The collaboration with Rosanna,
ALTER, is an installation as well as an ensemble piece. The musicians in the ensemble shape, re-shape and sculpt the electroacoustic voice of the installation. This is a composition that is in constant and reverse metamorphosis.



Klas Nevrin – Senior Lecturer at the Department of Jazz at the Royal College of Music
Hugo Boothby – Composer and doctoral student at Malmö University
Rosanna Gunnarsson  – composer and sound artist
Evelina Larsson – Musician and member of Elefantöra
Liv Dahlstrand – Musician and member of Elefantöra
Sophia Alexandersson – Chief executive and artistic director, ShareMusic & Performing Arts


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